How It Works

Why do teeth stain ?

Everyone’s teeth are unique, they discolour and stain in different ways. Every day we eat and drink things that stains our teeth, the most common cause of tooth discolouration is…

1. Coffee

2. Black tea

3. Red wine

4. Food stains

5. Smoking

6. Plaque stains

How does Milky Smile work ?

Our teeth whitening kits contains an active whitening agent called carbamide peroxide that breaks down the discoloured molecules, removing stains therefore whitening and transforming your smile.

Milky Smiles formula has very high viscosity to ensure total adherence to the tooth surface for fast, effective results.

Every kits contains our famous Enamel Boost  gel that is applied after every whitening session to replenish calcium and minerals to the tooth, like no other this product seals in your whitening results and desensitises the tooth.

All our product are FDA, CE, SGS Approved and endorsed by real dentists at Totally Smiles Pty Ltd